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Gentry Restorations Announces its 2018 Activities and Launches the Second Issue of its Bugatti Parts Catalogue

Bugatti specialists Gentry Restorations Ltd has announced its major support activities for 2018 and issued its second parts catalogue with price list.

Following negotiations with 2 Fast 4 You, the organisers of this year's International Bugatti Meeting in Portugal, Gentry Restorations has been appointed as a major sponsor of the event. The 'rally' takes place from 2nd to 8th May and Gentry Restorations will provide a two-man support crew with a comprehensively-stocked van, full of parts. The driving event is expected to attract approximately 100 vintage Bugattis.

The company will also be providing a two-man support crew for the Mille Miglia, 16th to 19th May, to support two very prestigious clients competing in this most arduous event - Kyoto Takemoto from Japan with his Type 40 and Bugatti S.A.S. Molsheim with their Type 35T.

With Prescott Hill celebrating its 80th Anniversary this year, the Gentry Restorations team will have a presence on Saturday 14th July to support the joint anniversary with the Bugatti Owners' Club's, Bugatti Festival.

Finally, following the highly-successful launch of its first digital parts catalogue in July last year, the company has recently issued its second edition. With many components added and a much more comprehensive range of photographs to assist identification, the catalogue has been extremely well received by customers and other Bugatti restorers all over the world. The new 56-page catalogue features some 650 individual line items. These are parts that are normally immediately available from Gentry Restorations' Parts Department and many of them are manufactured in-house. The catalogue is divided alphabetically into 15 major component sections - from 'Braking' to 'Wheels'. The 'Engine' section is sub-divided into 12 sections from 'Crankshafts' to 'Water Pump'. This new catalogue with accompanying price list can be viewed and downloaded for print from the company's website.

Commenting on these activities Stephen Gentry, managing director said; "Over the 18 years we've been in business, we have provided support crews for over 70 different driving events all over the world. It is a great pleasure to be working with 2 Fast 4 You again and we're really looking forward to the rally in Portugal".

" Our parts catalogue continues to be a great source of information and of immense help to many of our customers old and new. 'Version 1' proved to be a great success but 'Version 2' is even better; it's more comprehensive, with some improved photography to help identification and is generally just easier to use".