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Vehicle Storage Facilities

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For obvious reasons and peace of mind, security is highly important for car and motorbike storage - even more so to owners of cherished vehicles. Central Car Vault is based on a secure business park with strategically placed and discreetly hidden surveillance cameras. The 'Vault' itself has no windows and has door and movement detector sensors. If triggered, in addition to the most deafening external and internal alarm sirens being activated, both the local police force and the managent team are notified. All members of the management team live within 10 minutes of the premises.

Central Car Vault is located on the Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire border - just an hour from London and Birmingham. The premises are just 5 miles from Junction 8 of the M40 with easy access to Thame, Oxford, the Cotswolds, Bicester and Silverstone. 

Unlike many other companies offering car and motorbike storage, the ‘Vault’ is windowless, sound, dry and closed to the elements. In addition, it's insulated and therefore enjoys minimal temperature fluctuations throughout the year. As a consequence, there is no real need for clients to use individual, air-bubble type shelters for their vehicles. However, if any client insists on using one, then of course this can be catered for. These shelters can be purchased outright in advance or, built into the monthly storage charge. Please note that prices vary depending on the size and quality of the shelter required.