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Terms, Conditions and Insurance

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Access to and use of Vehicles
The normal hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 08.00hrs to 17.00hrs. If a client requires access to the 'Vault' outside of these hours – a minimum of just 48 hours advanced notice is all that's required. Provided this notice is given, no charge will be made for this element of the service.

Payment Terms for Storage
Invoices are issued every 4 weeks - 28 days - in arrears. If a vehicle is removed from the storage facility before a 4-week period has been completed, an invoice will be raised to just cover that period.

Payment Terms for Additional Services
Depending on the requirements, some services will require payment in advance. Some services might necessitate stage payments and others can be paid for on completion of the work specified/undertaken. All quotations will clarify this before commencement of any additional service work is undertaken. 

Insurance and Security
All vehicles are stored in a windowless, fully-alarmed building and the site is totally fenced and gated. The site's single entrance is constantly monitored by surveillance cameras. If our building's DualCom (land line and mobile communication system) alarm is triggered, the system notifies the local police and the management team. All of the management team live within 10 minutes of the premises.

Tight security is one thing but insurance is another. When placing your vehicle into either long or short-term storage, you should retain your own insurance and inform your insurer it's going to be stored. Owners must ensure that, whilst their vehicle is in storage, it and its contents are insured for fire, theft and accidental damage. Please note - most insurers offer reduced premiums for 'laid-up' or 'storage-only' cover. 

Furthermore, if a vehicle has an extraordinary value, or any special conditions for it to be insured, then it is imperative that you let us know. If required, we will try to arrange insurance cover at the best rates available - subject to a completed proposal being accepted.

Warning - as with all insurance policies, the devil is in the detail. You should not assume that your current policy (or even a motor trader's policy) covers your vehicle for storage on remote premises or for transportation purposes. It is essential that you notify your insurance provider that you intend to store your vehicle, or have it transported, by a specialist company. Please note this advice isn't given to protect us - it's very appropriate because many companies offering such services, don't necessarily have the right levels of insurance in place to cover such vehicles.