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Specialist Car Storage

For obvious reasons and peace of mind, security is a high priority and very important to all owners of cherished vehicles, especially those fortunate enough to have vintage Bugattis. Wornal Business Park itself is a high security site with amongst other things, strategically placed and discreetly hidden surveillance cameras.

Gentry Restorations also have strategically placed and discreet surveillance cameras located throughout its entire premises. In addition, there are numerous door and movement detector sensors. If any of these are triggered for any reason, this activates external and internal alarm sirens and more importantly the local police force is notified.

For numerous reasons, a large number of clients ask that their vehicles are stored for short and long-term periods on their behalf. Gentry Restorations is more than happy and capable of doing this within its own dedicated, heated, storage area. Please note that any number, any marque and any car, no matter how old is it, can be catered for.

All necessary import and export paperwork can be handled by the company and if necessary all administration regarding V5 documentation, statutory off-road notices and MOTs. If required, vehicles can undergo regular maintenance inspections and all vehicles in storage are allocated their own special covers.

Please note that Gentry Restorations is insured for most eventualities however, all customers are advised to retain their own insurance for their vehicles whilst they are in storage.

For all storage enquiries, feel free to contact the Gentry team for sound and professional advice.