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Bugatti Restoration

To restore vintage Bugatti cars built during the golden era of motoring back to their former glory; you need desire, passion, integrity and highly developed skills, expertise and experience. It also has to be done sympathetically and authentically. Gentry Restorations Ltd is located not far from the University City of Oxford and quite close to Silverstone - the home of British racing and Formula 1 expertise. As a consequence, the company has attracted highly-trained and skilled mechanical engineers and machine operators. Collectively, they have over 200 years of experience working on vintage Bugattis.

The basic philosophy of the company is to restore rather than replace. The team always strives to at least reproduce the high standards of quality achieved by Ettore Bugatti himself; using today's modern materials and methods, they can sometimes even surpass them. The company has developed many ways and processes to re-use original and valuable components when other restorers have simply condemned them and claimed them unusable. Ultimately it's the customer's choice - but the Gentry team can deliver projects in any style from mechanically perfect, with no loss of patina, to gleaming potential Concours D'Elegance winners.
Green Bugatti

Over the years, the Gentry team has developed tried and tested partnerships with highly-skilled and experienced sub-contractors with experise in upholstery, bodywork and electrics. Whilst this specialist work is sub-contracted, everything is overseen and carried out to Gentry's exacting quality and standards.

Gentry Restorations regards it a privilege to play a part in restoring and maintaining their client’s wonderful cars. Every member of the team understands the importance of each individual vehicle's heritage. There is no compromise when it comes to standards and quality. The aim is to at least maintain and, more often than not, improve the value of a vehicle. Perhaps even more importantly, everyone wants to ensure that every Bugatti owner really loves and enjoys driving their treasured vehicle.
Bugatti Repair Workshop

Gentry Restorations is and always will be, a specialist in the vintage Bugatti marque. However, the expertise and skills of the team are transferable and the company does welcome restoration projects, repairs and servicing on all makes of vintage vehicles. No matter what level of work is undertaken, all clients can rest assured that it will be carried out by people with a passion for excellence.

For all restoration enquiries, feel free to contact the Gentry team for sound and professional advice.