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Client Testimonials

Alex Tigner - Israel

Dear Malcolm,
When I left your workshop after my last visit I had very mixed feelings. On the one hand I experienced tremendous joy because I now owned a perfect and an amazing car as a result of your, Stephen's and the whole team's work. On the other hand, I felt a great sadness because it was the end of a fantastic journey - it seemed like I had attended my own farewell party. The fact that my plans to keep the car for many years of enjoyment had to be cancelled because of a change in my circumstances didn't help. But here I am just a few weeks later, putting pen to paper and can reflect on what I consider to be a very happy chapter in my life.

Since we first met after I'd bought the 1934 Atalante, I have experienced many peaks of overwhelming excitement. The peaks came each time I paid a visit to your premises and could see the progress of such beautiful work - always amazing and with such wonderful perfectionism. The end result was to own a beautifully restored car built from nothing but ruins. But my peaks of excitement also came by meeting you each time Malcolm - your endless curiosity, your comprehensive knowledge, your openness to listen and learn, your perfectionism with absolute credibility and rarest of all - to work with a man of his word. Along with an amazing ability to co-ordinate expectations and make it all happen - the car is definitely a beauty - spectacular and quite breathtaking.

The opportunity of working with you was a truly treasured experienced. Unfortunately for me I think it was a once in a lifetime opportunity because I can't see me owning another Bugatti - so thank you for all you have done for me. The car is now with another owner and I am just a small part of its history. But you are its past, present and future - you should be rightly proud that your signature is on that car and will be for the rest of its life.  

Julius Kruta - Ex Head of Tradition - Bugatti Automobiles SAS - Molsheim, France

I worked with Gentry Restorations for over 15 years. All of the rallys in which Bugatti Automobiles participated, even as far away as China and Japan, were supported by them. From the year 2000 they also supported Bugatti Automobiles at the Mille Miglia in every year in which the company competed. On every occasion their preparation, restoration and managing the logistics were second to none.

In the past we made the mistake of using other companies to restore, service and repair the company's vintage Bugattis. This simply highlighted and endorsed the quality of the engineering carried out by Gentry Restorations - which is why we now only use this company to carry out such work. It is also why we gave permission for the company to use our endorsement in its marketing material - "Official Restorers for Bugatti Automobiles SAS Molsheim". 

Walter Rothlauf - Germany

As far as I'm concerned Gentry Restorations is the only company that deserves my triple B accolade - Best Bugatti Boys.
I have known Malcolm and Stephen for more than 20 years. They have given me and my cars a helping hand whenever I've needed it - whether it's been in Katmandu or Munich. 

If you want your beloved cars serviced or restored, not only do you need excellent knowledge and skills, you need passion and a love for Bugattis. Malcolm and Stephen are loaded with both. I have seen and experienced this since the first time I met them. This is what has helped them to grow from their modest beginnings working within a little barn to where they are now - THE Bugatti specialists of the world.  

John Shellard - Australia

The team at Gentry Restorations have worked on my cars for 12 years. There has never been a problem that they have not been able to rectify and the results have always been good. I have covered many thousands of kilometres and back-up has always been there whenever I've needed it.

John Southward - New Zealand

Over the past 8 years, Malcolm, Stephen and their team have carried out major restoration work on both of my Bugattis - a T46 and a T49. Both cars have been 100% reliable and it's been a pleasure to drive them without experiencing any problems. Well done to everyone at Gentry Restorations.

Deryk Haithwaite - Jersey

Malcolm and Stephen Gentry and their ever-welcoming team, have been looking after my ex-Malcolm Campbell Bugatti T37 for many years and my visits to Worminghall have always been a happy experience. I have watched the steady development and expansion of the business and I'm more than happy to recommend their services. Nothing is too much trouble and they have proved invaluable when preparing my car for various international events and for arranging the appropriate transport to get it there and back.

Oskar Meier and Katerina Batouskova - Switzerland

Dear Malcolm, Stephen and the rest of the team.
We must thank you for the incredible work you have done on our Bugatti T44.
The car arrived yesterday and we are so very happy because it looks just beautiful. From a bit of a wreck it has become the most beautiful car and is a real compliment to your whole team - we really are so very grateful to you all.
Once again, thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Franco Majno - Managing Director - Too Fast 4 You - Italy

I first met Malcolm during the International Bugatti Meeting held in New Zealand in the year 2000. We became friends immediately and since then we have shared countless adventures and beers together along with many other Bugatti friends from all over the world. 
My cars feel very much at home at Gentry Restorations under the care of Malcolm, Stephen and their collaborators.
Vive la Marque!!!

Hans Matti - Switzerland

History: I have been an admirer of Bugatti and other vintage cars since 1956 when I was 19 years old. In 1959 I bought my first Bugatti which in those days was a cheap second-hand car that nobody really wanted to have. Since then I have always owned several Bugatti cars and I have driven some of them for many, many miles. In the late nineties, Malcolm provided support for a Bugatti rally. He was very kind and helpful to many of the participants; many of whom needed a lot of help because the cars were a lot less reliable than they are today. That is where I met Malcolm for the first time and I was immediately aware of his expertise and friendliness. Since then I have entrusted several of my cars to his company - Brescia, T37A, T39A and T43 - some for full restoration and some for simply a service. I was always happy with the work and I have also directed several of my friends from the Swiss Bugatti community to this company. Below is my statement of the main reasons why I continue to send my cars to Gentry Restorations.

Expertise: Malcolm with his son Stephen and their staff have a vast experience in restoring, repairing and servicing Bugatti and other vintage cars - some of them have been working on such vehicles for 30 years or more. In doing so, they have gathered vast experience concerning the design and the running of these cars and they have certainly worked at least once on every type of Bugatti that was ever produced. They know most of the problems that occur when using these cars on the road or in racing. They know where to find any parts that might be needed, and if they're not available, they can produce them in-house in their well-equipped machine shop in accordance with the original Bugatti works drawings which are still available. They also have a great network of sub-contractors for specialist work, such as a foundry, machining, radiators, sheet-metal, wood and bodywork, trimming and painting etc.

Friendship: Over the years, during many meetings in England and abroad - with numerous visits to the Gentry Restorations premises, initially at the little barn in Adwell and later on at Wornal Park, I was always made to feel very welcome. I know I have developed a real friendship with Malcolm, his wife Patricia, Stephen and some of the staff.

Timing: After having taken an appointment and and delivered the car to Gentry's, the work is performed as quickly as possible - there is enough staff, space and equipment available. They also hold a large stock of current parts needed. Even the sub-contractors, if necessary, can deliver their work and service in time to get the whole job done in the earliest time possible. My experience has shown me that it takes far less time to have the job done at Gentry's than elsewhere - especially from anywhere in Switzerland.  

Cost: The hours worked on cars are the minimum required for the job because the team has already done similar jobs many times in the past. So the personnel know exactly what needs to be done and how long it will take. Their invoices are seriously detailed with the hours spent and the costs for any parts. The rates are reasonable and the current exchange rate between sterling and the Swiss franc, makes these rates even cheaper - especially if you compare the same work to be carried out in Switzerland.

Administration: While 30 years ago paperwork with customs and VAT could easily be handled by private people, it has become more and more complicated and today needs professional assistance. Gentry Restorations has all the necessary licences to handle the paperwork for all foreign customers worldwide, including door-to-door delivery and collection with specialist transportation firms that take the very best care of our cars.

Kyoto Takemoto - Japan
I have known and used Gentry Restorations since 2003. Over this period of time, I have asked them to restore my cars into perfect condition. So far they have worked on five of my Bugattis - a Brescia T13, a T35, a T40, a T44 and a T51. All of my cars have been completed just as I wanted them to be - perfectly.

I have competed in the La Festa Mille Miglia in Japan, the Le Mans Classic in France and the Mille Miglia in Italy very many times. I am proud to say I have achieved some excellent results with my cars. If you are looking for, in my opinion, the best Bugatti workshop in the world, I am very happy to recommend this as being Gentry Restorations Ltd.

Bill Roberts - USA

My wife and I have owned and loved our 1928 Corsica-bodied T44 Roadster (named Enid after its first owner) for over two decades. When other 'car' people ask us what we drive, we always say "a Bugatti". The normal response is "yes, but what do you drive for fun?" Again, our answer is "Bugatti". People always assume that Bugattis are unreliable and fragile.

Thanks to Malcolm, his highly-skilled crew and his son Stephen - who has now assumed the position of managing director at Gentry Restorations - our Bugatti is not only 100% reliable, it's also a great perfomer. We have driven to and from our home in central Europe to many long-distance rallies over the years - including the Mille Miglia in Italy and Bugatti Owners' Club events in the UK. We also like taking-off to drive across Europe, completely on our own and just for fun. We always do so in complete confidence. We have never had a failure - except for my driver error when we ran out of fuel in France on a Sunday!! Thank you Gentry Restorations for all these years of happy motoring.
All the very best, Bill and Meri Roberts.