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Bugatti Restoration

Gentry Restorations is a family-owned, British business that specialises in the true restoration of vintage Bugattis. Integrity and passion are words that best describe the attitude of the founders of the business - father and son team, Malcolm and Stephen Gentry. Between them they have over 50 years of experience restoring vintage Bugattis to their former glory as  sympathetically and authentically as possible.  

Vintage Bugatti Restoration and Parts

Collectively the Gentry team has over 200 years of Bugatti restoration experience. Every project is undertaken with care and precision by highly-trained, skilled, engineers and technicians. The company works closely with every customer. For major restoration projects an initial assessment is made of the vehicle which is catalogued and photographed. An agreed plan of action is then drawn up before any of the major restoration work commences. 

Bugatti Parts - in order to successfully restore these iconic vehicles, access to the right parts is essential. For almost 20 years the company has invested heavily in personnel, plant and machinery in order to produce previously unobtainable replacement parts for most types of Bugattis. Gentry Restorations makes its parts available to other restorers and enthusiasts too. To see what parts are available, please visit the parts section of this website. Alternatively, you can download the catalogue and price list by using the links below.

Gentry Restorations would like to say a special "thank you" to Julius Kruta and Theodor Barth for allowing the use of certain photography within this website.

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