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In addition to complete vehicle restoration, repairs and servicing, Gentry Restorations is proud to have over 1000 individual lines of  Bugatti parts and components in stock at all times. Many of these parts and components are manufactured in-house using original Bugatti factory drawings and specifications. The items range from small components, such as the specially designed Bugatti nuts, bolts and gears, to larger items, such as engine cylinder blocks, half shafts, hubs, wheels and tyres.

Other high-value special parts and components aren't always available from stock but are manufactured to order. Gentry Restorations has a comprehensively-equipped machine shop, operated by highly-skilled and experienced engineers. This gives the company the ability to produce almost anything for all Bugatti model types. For example, in recent years Gentry Restorations took on a project to build a complete Bugatti Type 57G 'Tank', streamlined-bodied, Le Mans racing car. According to the history books, only 4 were ever produced, but that number has now increased to 5. The biggest challenge for the machine shop was to to produce a completely new, 8-cylinder, working Bugatti engine built to full racing specification. This was achieved and the vehicle first performed at Goodwood in 2014.

This website shows the large selection of parts that are available. The parts that are normally kept in stock are clearly identified. All other parts will be subject to a build/lead time. The build/lead time will depend on the volume of work our machine shop is committed to and the complexity or rarity of the component required. Occasionally the build/lead time can be improved for a premium in the list price, but for all parts not shown as a stock item, please contact us for specific details and timings. Finally, if you cannot find the part you need for your treasured Bugatti, or any other project, it doesn't necessarily mean it's not available. Please contact us and we'll confirm whether or not we can manufacture the part for you.

For all parts enquiries, feel free to contact the Gentry team for sound and professional advice.