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Vintage Vehicle Servicing

The Gentry Service
All experienced motoring enthusiasts know that preparation is everything. They also know the reality is that mechanical things will break down - no matter what the marque or brand of car. Over the years, the Gentry team has overcome every problem that has arisen from driving all model types of vintage Bugattis over short and long distances. This knowledge and experience has been put to good use and has helped to ensure that all vintage Bugattis serviced and maintained by Gentry Restorations remain reliable and durable.
Bugatti technician
This experience and knowledge has come from providing service and support crews at rallies and driving events throughout the world. Over the years the team has supported 76 such events. Rallies are strongly supported by vintage Bugatti owners and the Gentry team is more than happy to carry out inspections and make repairs to a client’s car in preparation for these most exciting and frequently adventurous events.
Bugatti rally
Modern cars need to adhere to maintenance schedules and the same is true of vintage cars too. With a labour rate of just £55.00 per hour, Gentry Restorations provides all the routine service requirements to keep all model types of vintage Bugattis in tip-top condition.

With so much experience as vintage Bugatti specialists, the company has developed products and procedures that ensures the protection, reliability and durability of the cars. Performance can be improved too, all of these qualities increase the overall appeal of these most precious cars, without compromising their authenticity, build quality or value. 
Bugatti vintage clutch
For example, metallic clutches are still used as original equipment but with the addition of a modern friction material. More efficient and effective paper oil filter elements have been produced that fit inside the original Bugatti oil filter housings. Modern brake linings are used to improve braking performance but don't prematurely wear the brake drums of the car. Lubricants have improved immensely since vintage cars were first produced and this science alone helps to prolong the service life of all moving parts. 

For owners who prefer to service and repair their own cars, help and advice is given freely and willingly over the phone. It’s all part of the Gentry service. The team is also happy to provide a full independent check and inspection of the client’s workmanship if requested. 

To check the engine power and fine tune a vehicle’s performance, Gentry Restorations has its own, independent rolling road with fully-comprehensive testing and monitoring equipment. This can be hired by the hour and negates the need for labour-intensive and time-consuming road tests. Furthermore, it means a car can be thoroughly tested at any time throughout the year without the concerns of weather conditions.
Bugatti rolling road
Gentry Restorations is, and always will be, a specialist in the vintage Bugatti marque. However, the expertise and skills of the team are transferable and the company welcomes servicing and repairs on all makes of vintage vehicles. No matter what level of work is undertaken, all clients can rest assured that it will be carried out by people with a passion for vintage vehicles and to the highest standards of quality.

For all service enquiries, feel free to contact the Gentry team for sound and professional advice.