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Car Sales

When the first business plan was written, the directors took the policy decision the company would not sell cars. Therefore Gentry Restorations has never had a car sales department. The company has never actively engaged in the sale of vintage Bugatti cars or any other vehicles for that matter.

However, in the past, Stephen Gentry has helped clients to buy or sell vehicles by discreetly introducing them to people he knows that are potentially looking to either acquire or dispose of a certain Bugatti model type. Stephen is very well connected within the fraternity of vintage Bugatti car owners. On numerous occasions he has helped to bring potential buyers and sellers together - with great results and success.

This is a free of charge service that stephen continues to offer. Furthermore, Stephen is more than willing to help sellers create meaningful advertisements and advise them as to how to market their car in the most appropriate manner. If you are interested in buying or selling a vintage Bugatti car, please feel free to contact Stephen. You can be assured your discussions will always be handled with total discretion.