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Facilities & Equipment

Below is a list of the workshop equipment, machine room facilities and sub-contractors that the team has access to, in order to service, repair and restore vintage cars. All of the equipment and facilities are available for any size of job that a customer wants undertaken.

If an owner wants to restore their own project, the team is happy to advise on all aspects of the repairs necessary. The Gentry team knows exactly what can be achieved with the use of the company's own facilities, equipment and skills. The team also knows exactly what can be achieved by its specialist sub-contractors.

If an owner needs something manufactured, the Gentry team is more than capable of working from sketches and drawings - provided they are accompanied with all relevant technical data and dimensions. Alternatively, if the owner physically has the part or component that needs reproducing, the team are able to work from that. 

Finally, if an owner needs something fabricated for their car, perhaps to facilitate the fitment of more modern-day motoring conveniences - for example an alternator or starter motor - the team is capable of designing whatever is required to support such items and fit them if necessary.


Rolling Road Testing - Dynotech (2-Wheel Drive up to 1,000 bhp)
Aluminium Welding (Casting Specialist)
All Forms of Steel Welding (Arc, Mig, Tig and Gas)
Cast Iron Welding
Tyre Fitting and Balancing
Cylinder Boring
Cylinder Honing
Valve Seat Cutting and Grinding
Sheet Metal Fabrication - Guillotine, Folding and Rolling - for Battery Boxes, Fuel and Oil Tanks etc
Heating for Straightening and Bending Large Parts
Cold Tube Bending - 1" to 3" (25mm to 75mm) Diameter
Oxyacetyline Cutting
Hot Wash Tank (1m x 1m) for Cleaning Large Parts and Components - eg Crankcases etc
Small Parts Rust Removal - Nuts and Bolts etc
Small Parts Polishing
Sand Blasting
Hot/Steam Water Pressure Washing
Cooling System Pressure Testing and Combustion Gases Leak Detection 


CAD/CAM - Siemens NX Software
CAM Milling - Dugard Eagle 660 - 4-Axis - Haidenhein Control
CAM Turning - Hurco TM10 - WinMax Control
3-D Scanning
Conventional Milling
Conventional Turning
Surface Grinding
Spark Eroding
Hydraulic Pressing - 30 Tons (30480kgs)
Hardness Testing
Crack Testing


Below is a list of work carried out by specialist sub-contractors that the Gentry team has worked with over the years. The team has developed long-standing, tried and tested relationships with them all and ultimately trusts them as if they were direct employees of Gentry Restorations. The team only appoints sub-contractors and companies whose quality is of the highest possible standard. Furthermore the sub-contractors aren't simply left to their own devices, the Gentry team project-manages, advises on and oversees all of the work undertaken by them.    

Interior Trimmers
Body and Chassis Painting
Timber Body Frames - Making and Repairs
Metal Bodies - Making and Repairs
Electrics - Re-Wiring and Repairs
Crankcase and Cambox Line Boring
White Metal Bearings for Crankshafts and Connecting Rods
Metal Polishing
Plating and Stripping - Chrome and Nickel
Instrument Restoration
Heat Treatment - Tempering and Hardening
Wire Wheel Renovation - New Rims, Centres and Trueing
Large Scale Paint Stripping - Sand and Soda Blasting etc
Vehicle Transportation - Short and Long-Haul - Road, Sea and Air
Import Services - Temporary or Permanent