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The Fifth 57G ‘Tank’ Bugatti

One of our customers had a dream:

There are 3 sports racing cars in this picture but according to the history books actually 4 Type 57G 'Tank-bodied' Bugattis were produced. We have a customer who asked us to make it 5

57G bugattisx4

Our interesting project started with this:

We bought an authentic, die-cast, scale model and scanned it with our 3-D scanner

57G model

We managed to find a Type 57 donor chassis:

As you can see, it did however require a lot of restoration and repair work

57G chassis

Working from the 3-D scans of the model:

Templates were made so that body panels could be formed - this isn't something you see every day

57G 3D scans

Then the metalwork began:

We have tried and tested relationships with highly-skilled sub-contractors conveniently located to our business. In this case, specialist panel beaters were appointed to complete this stage of the project

57G metalwork

Meanwhile a new engine had to be made:

We are very privileged to have access to original Bugatti drawings with dimensions and technical specifications. Our own highly-talented, ingenious, engineers and technicians made a fully working, race-specification engine

57G engine

After successfully producing a rolling chassis:

The body was removed and everything painted. If everything was painted first, parts and components might be scratched and damaged during the re-build of the vehicle

57G body painted

The body had to be painted too:

And another specialist sub-contractor was appointed

57G painted bodywork

The major components were fitted to the chassis:

And as you can see, everything came together perfectly

57G chassis parts

The freshly painted body was returned and fitted:

The next stage was to connect the plumbing, electrics and instruments

57G electrics

The fifth 57G Bugatti was completed shortly afterwards:

Just in case you’re wondering, it really wasn’t our idea, our customer specifically instructed us to make sure the car was painted to look old

57G Bugatti

The car raced at the 2014 Goodwood Members' Meeting:

Driven by Stephen Gentry, the vehicle was thoroughly put through its paces and finished well ahead of several GP Bugattis. It was a highly successful first outing and a perfect end to a most challenging and interesting project

57G Bugatti Goldwood